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Grants Management

Data Visualization in Grantmaking

Leverage data for intelligent decision-making and maximize the impact of philanthropic efforts with Grantelligence.

Future of Philanthropy

AI For Good: 3 Questions Answered

AI in philanthropy tech, and the ethical, business, and security implications of the technology within our world.


Giving is Declining. What can we do about it?

Soraya Alexander joined the team to talk about the decline in the individual giving, the changing individual donor landscape, and how nonprofits are...

Operations and Data

Finding Insights Through Data

Improving your foundation’s ability to find insights through data is one of the most effective ways to successfully execute its mission.

Impact Measurement

How can nonprofits use data to increase trust?

Season 3 of Untapped Philanthropy kicks off with Michael Thatcher, CEO of Charity Navigator, who discusses increased trust with the use of data.

Grants Management

5 Tips To Becoming A Data-First Grants Manager

Given the opportunity, you can be an integral part of improving the entire grantmaking process, from evaluating proposals to assessing the impact of...

Diversity and Inclusion

How can we implement trust-based philanthropy?

Geneva Pritchard joins us to breaks down the practice of trust-based giving and how this movement has enabled communities worldwide to support...


What can we do to Fix the Form?

Kerrin Mitchell & Kari Aanestad discuss how the #FixtheForm campaign encourages funders and grants management platforms to make immediate changes to...

Future of Philanthropy

Is philanthropy ready for crypto?

Most nonprofits (and funders for that matter) aren’t equipped to accept or distribute a crypto donation.

Impact Measurement

The Future of Impact Philanthropy

The tech for good space underpins modern philanthropy, increasing philanthropy’s reach with solutions based on AI, blockchain, and even...

Future of Philanthropy

Fluxx Community Insights: The Common Application

Our latest Fluxx Community Insights survey we asked our funders to tell us about their views and work in regards to The Common Application. Keep...

Operations and Data

Security: It’s a Matter of Time

Is your foundation's data secure? Here are our top three must-implement recommendations. These are essential security tips that should not be ignored!

Impact Measurement

Join Fluxx in Celebrating Giving Tuesday Now

Fluxx is participating in Giving Tuesday Now through a new executive-led program, while also sharing additional resources to help you get involved.

Future of Philanthropy

Philanthropy Needs to Hold On to Hope

At Fluxx, we’re inspired by great content, meaning we loved reading The Ford Foundation's “The hard work of hope,” published on their Equals Change...

Future of Philanthropy

These Key Trends Will Shape Philanthropy in 2020

Our CEO, Madeline Duva, recently shared with Forbes the key trends that will shape philanthropy in 2020. We want to share these insights with you.

Future of Philanthropy

The Top 5 Fluxx Blog Posts in 2019

This December, we're revisiting our top five posts from the Fluxx blog. These pieces were inspired by our community and our values.

Future of Philanthropy

Opportunity Even in Recession to Grow Donations

The Lilly Family School of Philanthropy released a report that analyzed U.S. giving before, during, and after the Great Recession. Here's what it...

Philanthropy Best Practices

Spooked by cybercrime? These 5 tips will help.

October 31st may be reserved for ghosts, goblins, tricks and treats – but ALL of October is officially Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

Future of Philanthropy

Consumers Care – Corporate Giving is Proof

The public has turned a watchful eye to long-standing corporations and began to question their business practices and social and environmental...

Philanthropy Best Practices

Funding Collaboratives are Trending, Here’s Why

As we make strides towards improving industry collaboration, foundations are walking the talk and collaborating deeply with each other to affect...

Funder Technology

Announcing the Fluxx Preferred Partner Program

We're thrilled to announce the Fluxx Preferred Partner Program! These partners are highly trained and ready to help bring success to your...

Nonprofit Technology

4 Communication Tips to Lock in that Grant

Read for four tips that will help your team communicate in a way that’s both appealing to potential grantmakers and helps you clearly define your...

Nonprofit Technology

Census 2020: Important Ruling for Democracy

The Supreme Court struck down the 2020 census citizenship question. Social justice advocates see this ruling as a critical step in the right...

Nonprofit Technology

4 Strategies for Nonprofits to Attract Donors

It takes gumption to fundraise. If you’re a grantseeker ready to grow your fundraising, then check out these strategies that will widen your donor...

Philanthropy Best Practices

Game of Thrones Has a Lesson for Philanthropy

Game of Thrones is officially over. And in one of the final scenes, a key truth stood out that – believe it or not – applies to our work in...

Nonprofit Technology

4 Must-Have Tech Resources for Nonprofits

Better together – that’s what makes philanthropy work. As with every great evolution, it takes a village to achieve true collaboration and success.

Nonprofit Technology

How Trust and Transparency Fuel Funding

Nonprofits, whether you’re planning a new crowdfunding campaign or just trying to increase communication with your donors, it’s time to let your...

Future of Philanthropy

It's Time to Scale Your Grantmaking

The key to lasting impact is the ability to scale and adapt and technology can help. When you’re able to share, reproduce, and generate impact beyond...

Diversity and Inclusion

At Fluxx Diversity is More Than a Buzzword

At Fluxx, diversity isn’t something you survey once a year, it’s a top priority that is factored in each and every time we hire. We do this by...

Future of Philanthropy

Meet With Fluxx at PEAK and NTEN!

The PEAK 2019 Annual Conference is next week, and so is the 2019 Nonprofit Technology Conference! We’re thrilled to be exhibiting at both events this...

Impact Measurement

In Support of International Women’s Day

March 8th is a time to rally for equality on International Women’s Day (IWD). And while IWD is historically a time for women to make their voices...

Fluxx Amplified Impact in 2018

2018 was a landmark year for Fluxx. We’re pleased to announce that over the previous 12 months, we increased the number of grants funded on our...

Nonprofit Technology

Grantseekers – Discoverability is Key

It’s never been easier for individuals to donate or crowdfund for a good cause. And while it’s critical that your charity is set up to make giving...

Future of Philanthropy

Managing PRIs is Easy With Fluxx

Program-related investments (PRIs) are THE hot topic right now. Foundations from coast to coast are deploying PRI programs – enabling their teams to...

Why We’re a Part of Pledge 1%

Pledge 1% is a movement, a commitment, and a promise – and we are humbled to be a part of it. It allows us to expand on what we’ve already been...

Fluxx Hires Jill Richards as CMO

Today we are thrilled to announce that Jill Richards joined Fluxx as our new Chief Marketing Officer. Richards has a proven track record for growing...

Come see us at TAG!

Each year we look forward to the annual TAG conference – it truly is the top event to explore philanthropic trends and technology. This year we have...

Future of Philanthropy

Fluxx Unveils Vision For Connected Philanthropy

At Fluxxcon, our user conference, I shared our vision for the future: A network of connected philanthropy, through which those who fund change and...

Future of Philanthropy

Fluxxcon is Fast Approaching

Our user conference, Fluxxcon, is fast approaching. Taking place on October 9th - 11th, at the Golden Gate Club in San Francisco’s Presidio...

Future of Philanthropy

Four Essential Tools for Success in Philanthropy

Here at Fluxx we work with both funders and grantees, giving us a unique insight into just how much money is invested in the philanthropic sector....

Future of Philanthropy

Three Trends Shaping the Future of Philanthropy

Three trends are shaping the future of philanthropy. Learn about how mega-donors, technology, and other changes to philanthropy management, are...

Philanthropy Best Practices

Peak Conference Recap and Five Key Takeaways

With the theme of “Creating the Future Together,” the 2018 Peak Grantmaking Conference had a lot to offer. Here are our five takeaways, highlighted...

Funder Technology

Corporate Foundations: Are You Ready for ESG?

If you're a corporate grantmaker, now is the time to assess your readiness for supporting your company’s ESG efforts. Read this blog to learn more.

Is Blockchain the Future of Philanthropy?

What is behind the fevered pitch of blockchain, and can it really live up to its promise? Is blockchain the future of philanthropy?

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