Redefining Impact: A New Playbook for Social Change with Eric Ressler


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Untapped Philanthropy S4E3 Eric Ressler



In an era where digital connections forge the pathways to social change, Eric Ressler's insights illuminate the transformative potential of strategic digital engagement and narrative reshaping within the social impact sector. As the founder of Cosmic, Eric advocates for a paradigm shift from traditional nonprofit terminology to a more inclusive and empowering lexicon that reflects the true essence of social impact organizations.

Throughout the episode, Eric and our hosts explore the limitations of the term "nonprofit" and its implications for organizational identity and public perception. Eric argues for a more positive, impact-focused narrative that transcends legal definitions and financial structures, emphasizing the inherent value and serious nature of work within the social impact space.

The conversation takes a deep dive into the strategies and philosophies that drive Cosmic's success in assisting social impact leaders and organizations to navigate the complexities of the digital age. Eric shares his journey from a creative, tech-savvy individual to a thought leader in the social impact design space, highlighting the pivotal role of design and digital tools in amplifying social change efforts.

Listen to gain insights into the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital attention economy, and how organizations can leverage these dynamics to foster community, engagement, and sustained action. Eric’s innovative approach to brand building, rooted in authenticity and strategic storytelling, offers a blueprint for organizations seeking to elevate their impact and connect more meaningfully with their audiences.

Join us for a thought-provoking episode that not only challenges the status quo but also provides practical advice for social impact organizations looking to redefine their narrative and harness the power of digital engagement for greater community building and impact.

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