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Scale your grant operations with Fluxx’s grants management software for government. Fluxx supports your end to end operations: from Notices of Funding Opportunities to Pre-award applications to Post-award payments and requirements -- and all in one intuitive and integrated platform.  

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Fluxx Grantmaker

Effective grants management enables your agency to provide funding to support critical community programs. As funding opportunities scale, it can be difficult to maintain consistency with increased complexity. Additionally, the risk of noncompliance in regulatory reporting can create a multitude of challenges without the right system in place.

Fluxx is designed to give you the ability to help you scale your processes while reducing complexity, increasing communication, and mitigating compliance risk.

Our secure cloud-based solution is designed specifically for the grant lifecycle, keeping your team productive, while eliminating repetitive and time-consuming tasks. With a centralized data-driven platform, all information is connected in a single solution for grants management.

Many leading Government Agencies are using Fluxx grants management solutions


How to Navigate the Changing Landscape of Government Grants Management Systems

What to look for when seeking to modernize your grants management system, focusing on critical components to maximize your potential for success.


Modernize Your System

Replace outdated, redundant systems, with a centralized platform with standardized data models.

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Collaborate Faster

Move to open, real time communication with stakeholders, reducing time to share information and make decisions.


Gain Visibility and Control

Track and automate the flow of grant dollars, payment terms and conditions, and amendments from federal awards to sub-awardees.

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Scale and Save Time

Manage increasing numbers of grants, awards, and grantees with less staff and administration. Fluxx’s templates, bulk updates, and standardized forms help reduce response time and information requests.


Improve Grantee Communication

Create an exceptional applicant grantee experience with built-in adaptability, accessibility, best practices, and communications.


Connect Your Data

Integrate with other systems to easily access data, verify grantee information, and automatically send documents when you need to.


Stay Compliant

Consistently apply governance, compliance, and risk management principles across programs and grantees to manage fraud, waste, and abuse.


Robust Reporting

Easily report grant life cycle performance data in real-time to enable timely interventions and take immediate corrective actions.


Secure Solution

Secure your data with our cloud based, SOC 2 Compliant solution that enables you to leverage a platform with complete data privacy and security.

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