Breaking Down Data Barriers: Jesse Bourns on the Power of Collaborative Data Sharing


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In the latest episode of Untapped Philanthropy, we explore data sharing with Jesse Bourns, co-founder of DARO. With a background in the nonprofit sector and a passion for technology, Jesse is dedicated to transforming how nonprofits handle data for social good.

Jesse's journey from a cattle ranch in Western Canada to co-founding DARO highlights his diverse experience. He criticizes the nonprofit sector's flawed approach to data problems, which often involves creating singular platforms. Instead, Jesse advocates for allowing multiple entities to solve various components of a problem without requiring uniformity.

A prime example of this philosophy is the Giving Tuesday Data Commons, where over a hundred data providers share information, offering insights into giving trends without forcing a single system. Another successful project gathered data on homelessness in a small city, meeting the needs of diverse stakeholders.

Jesse emphasizes that real innovation lies in the social engineering that enables effective data sharing, not just in technology. He envisions a future where data sharing is the norm, supported by robust infrastructures and a community of practice.

Tune in as Jesse shares his vision for a collaborative, data-driven nonprofit sector, offering insights and examples of how to turn data into a powerful tool for change.

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Download the transcript here.

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