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Koret Foundation and the Modernization of Grants Management


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We met with Alison Stein, Grants Officer at the Koret Foundation, to talk about their journey to modernize their grants management system with Fluxx.

About the Koret Foundations

Started in 1980 by Joseph Koret, upon selling his business and after the passing of his wife Stephanie, started the Koret Foundation with the goal of improving the quality of life for all who live in the Bay area and ensuring the vitality of the global Jewish Community.. In the Bay Area, the Foundation supports K-12 education, higher education, civic learning, and support for veterans. In the Jewish community, Koret supports programs that inspire Jewish engagement in the Bay Area, develop deeper ties between Israel and the Diaspora, and combat the rise of antisemitism.

The Journey to Technology Adoption: From Paper to Productivity

Alison joined Koret and was tasked with finding a new grants management system. Much of their old system was a combination of databases and manual processes, with an accounting system that wasn’t integrated. This resulted in a lot of double entry, manual checking of data, and lost time due to inefficiencies. Since there were multiple systems that didn’t talk to each other, the team was siloed and had trouble connecting the dots within their grants management process.

Granting with Fluxx - Connecting Data and Saving Time

For Koret, Fluxx was a natural, cultural fit for their organization. They love the community aspect of the company, and how they are able to connect with like minded people to share ideas and get involved in their growth. Additionally, the cloud-based grants management platform was a massive leap forward from their on premises solution, which made it easier to access information from multiple locations.

The centralized, data-driven nature of Fluxx was a huge benefit to the Koret Foundation. Their ability to leverage the connected data and workflows helped to make the process more efficient and save a lot of time in processing information. 

Integration with Fluxx was a game changer as well. They were able to connect all their siloed systems into one single source of the truth, eliminating manual errors and saving time to process information.

The Power of Fluxx and the Impact the Koret Foundation Team

Koret’s journey has led them to a grants management system that has not only given them a more modern, centralized and data-driven solution, but it has also given them a configurable solution that provides them the ability to adapt and grow the system as their needs grow. 

The level of transparency and efficiency has been especially important. They can move faster to get payments out, report on results, and collect information from multiple sources, and have the confidence that everything will be accurate and compliant.

Beyond that, these efficiencies have had a cultural impact on the team. They are able to work across the different teams more easily and focus more on achieving the Koret foundation’s mission.

If you are interested in learning more about The Koret Foundation, you can visit them at: 

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