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The Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation Starts their Journey With Fluxx and See Continued Growth


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We sat down with long time Fluxx customer Alicia Jinks, the Grants Management Officer at The Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation.

About The Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation

The foundation began in 2010 with a goal of bringing to life the vision of Max and Marian Farash to support the communities they have grown to love during their lifetime. At that time, the staff hadn’t had much experience in philanthropy, but were aligned to the mission that Max and Marian put forth, in supporting education, Jewish life and response to community needs in Monroe and Ontario Counties in New York State.

Two Entrepreneurial Spirits Find Each Other and Build a Long-term Relationship

As a new startup foundation, the Foundation had to start from scratch in their technology journey, particularly grants management software. They knew that they needed a solution that they could grow with and that need led them to one of the PEAK grantmaking conferences. At PEAK, The Farash Foundation team connected with the team from the newly launched Fluxx and, with that like-minded entrepreneurial spirit of growth, they selected Fluxx as their grants management solution of choice to help grow their new foundation.

Flexibility, Adaptability with a Strong Community

A significant value The Farash Foundation has gotten from Fluxx is the flexibility the solution offers, giving them the ability to tailor the solution to meet their needs. Another is adaptability, which was especially important during the pandemic when there was a lot of variability in remote work, uncovering the need to have more digital capabilities such as electronic signatures to help streamline the process. Having a solution that was able to seamlessly take some of the paper-based processes and make them electronic has been a powerful tool in helping The Farash Foundation move to a more flexible, remote workforce.

Alicia also talks about the power of the Fluxx Community as a tool in helping them over the years. They love how robust and diverse the community is and it has become a powerful platform to share ideas and learn from foundations all over the world. The combination of a flexible solution that adapts to their needs with the strong community of users has made the Foundation that much more successful in achieving Max and Marian’s vision.

Expanding their Solution with Grantmaking Intelligence

Looking ahead, the Foundation is especially looking forward to the potential that Fluxx’s new grantmaking intelligence solution will help to provide. Grantelligence is a powerful tool that will help them to visualize their data, tell compelling stories, and foster better data-driven decision making. Throughout the course of the journey The Farash Foundation have been on, they love that Fluxx listens, learns, and adapts to customer and market needs. Having a partner like Fluxx to help the Foundation as they grow has been a key element to their success over the years.

If you are interested in learning more about The Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation, you can visit them at: 

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