Nonprofit Technology (2)

Nonprofit Technology

4 Strategies for Nonprofits to Attract Donors

It takes gumption to fundraise. If you’re a grantseeker ready to grow your fundraising, then check out these strategies that will widen your donor...

Nonprofit Technology

4 Must-Have Tech Resources for Nonprofits

Better together – that’s what makes philanthropy work. As with every great evolution, it takes a village to achieve true collaboration and success.

Nonprofit Technology

How Trust and Transparency Fuel Funding

Nonprofits, whether you’re planning a new crowdfunding campaign or just trying to increase communication with your donors, it’s time to let your...

Nonprofit Technology

Grantseekers – Discoverability is Key

It’s never been easier for individuals to donate or crowdfund for a good cause. And while it’s critical that your charity is set up to make giving...

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