Today We Launch Grantseeker to Unite Nonprofits with Funders


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Today I am excited to announce the launch of Grantseeker, a comprehensive funding system for nonprofits. It is ready for immediate use by nonprofits everywhere, for free.

I’ve been looking forward to this day with great excitement for some time. With Grantseeker, I believe we are finally able to realize a more transparent and collaborative funder–nonprofit ecosystem. It’s the next step in creating a single, unified workflow that allows nonprofits to secure and manage the funding to achieve their mission.

I don’t mind saying we’ve learned a ton in the six years we’ve spent focused on building tools for grantmakers. One of the biggest revelations? Most users of our software are actually grantees! With nearly 300,000 grantseekers interacting with funders using Fluxx, it made perfect sense to create a system designed for nonprofits.

We began to notice this early on, and have kept grantees in our minds and in our hearts the whole time. And now we’re proud to finally be able to give you Grantseeker.

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Grantseeker puts nonprofits on par with the foundations that fund them in terms of technology and transparency. Together with our Grantmaker product it completes the virtuous circle that represents the vision funders and grantees are working toward together.

Grantseeker has three key aspects. 

  • One, it has ability to help us define impact, together.
  • Two, it helps you tell better stories – seamlessly, iteratively. It’s all about the story. We all know this. Stories don’t replace numbers, but they bring numbers to life. Stories don’t replace annual reports either. Stories instead engage foundations in your on-the-ground reality in a way never before possible.
  • Finally, Grantseeker just makes your life a heck of alot better because it streamlines tasks, tracks where all your grant applications stand, and keeps your whole team on the same page. You’ll get 30% of your time back, I promise.

Here’s the thing. 

We all wish we could do our jobs better. We want to help you do your real job – and that means spending less time searching for funding and more time focused on your mission. It means moving the needle on what you care about most. And finally, I think Grantseeker is going to give us all that opportunity.

So go. Connect with funders today. Take Grantseeker for a spin. Let’s make an impact together. 

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Written by Jason Ricci