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In Support of International Women’s Day


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International Women's Day

For the past 110 years, March 8th has been a time to assemble and work toward equality on International Women’s Day (IWD). And while IWD is historically a time for women to make their voices heard and encourage a worldwide dialogue – this year’s #BalanceforBetter theme is a rallying cry for all people and organizations to focus on equality rather than inequality.

The fight for a gender-balanced world will never be won if only a portion of our population is mobilized to care, if women’s equality is seen as a “woman’s issue,” and if organizations don’t put a stake in the ground to openly and rapidly work towards equal pay, fair parental leave policies, and set and enforce policies for reporting office discrimination and harassment.

In various parts of our world, this day could mean congregating for meetups, events, concerts, or protests. Throughout these worldwide rallies, let us not forget about the women planning to quietly meet with family or close friends in regions where it may not be safe to have these discussions publicly.

For our team, we celebrate women this day and every day by going to work. Sixty percent of the Fluxx board is female, seventy-one percent of our senior leadership team is female, and forty-six percent of our employees are female. So when the question, “how can you help forge a more gender-balanced world,” is asked; we have an answer. We do this at the organizational level by enforcing equal hiring practices, creating a safe, comfortable working environment for all (we recently set up a lactation room for our new working mothers), and supporting fair parental leave.

Led by this talented and diverse group of women and men, we have one common goal — to democratize philanthropy to ensure that every giver has access to the world’s causes, and every doer has access to the world’s funds. Our work connects us to women worldwide – and we aim to continuously support organizations who provide the social services that bring us closer to an equal and balanced world.

To learn more about our commitment to giving back, read about our Pledge 1% promise.

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