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4 Must-Have Tech Resources for Nonprofits


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Nonprofit Tech

Better together – that’s what makes philanthropy work. This rallying cry rings true across our industry, wherein collaboration and the collective mindset can help us to overcome the challenges that arise in your daily work. This can take the form of capacity issues, scale and sustainability, knowledge sharing... or likely the (very) complex nature of the issue area you’re tackling.

These challenges cannot be addressed by one platform alone. As with every great evolution, it requires a village.

To operate more efficiently, exude transparency, and foster greater impact, you need to have the right tools. To help you identify some great options, we wanted to call out a few technologies that are offering amazing products and services to the community.

Read below to learn more about the four organizations (in no particular order) that should be on any nonprofit’s radar:

1. Neon One

Think of Neon One as the ultimate suite of tools for your nonprofit arsenal. Founded with the mission of becoming the most comprehensive technology ecosystem for nonprofits, Neon One provides users options of a CRM platform, fundraising tools, client and case management software, and more. So whether you're planning your next annual Giving Day campaign or simply need an effective way to manage your data and growing donor base, Neon One has a solution for you.

2. TechSoup

Start your search for the right technology at TechSoup, a one-stop-shop for mission-based organizations to research and find discounted technology products and services. This community of technologists is committed to the values of transparency and mobilization through technology. After all, building capacity is a team effort, and can only happen if nonprofits have up-to-date hardware, employ management tools that streamline their compliance processes, and effectively use cloud file management to ensure that data is accounted for and protected.


Almost 9,000 nonprofits and foundations now use Box for secure, collaborative, cloud content management. Box and their embedded social enterprise, now offer much more than simple file storage. With the program, mission based organization can use Box for free or at a heavily discounted price.

Products like Box are essential in a digital landscape where data security is becoming increasingly important. Passing spreadsheets back and forth via email is no longer the wisest or most efficient choice. Store everything in one central location, manage versions, and ensure that your teams are up-to-date with your latest assets with Box also integrates with over 1500 other technologies!

Finally, nonprofits and foundations can now get pro-bono coaching via the Coaching Corps. Browse and sign up here.

4. Fluxx Grantseeker

No nonprofit technology suite is complete without Fluxx Grantseeker! Most nonprofits have a grant program in place or need one to supplement the funding they receive from other sources. The Grantseeker solution is FREE and enables nonprofits to manage their grants from inception to impact by: easily tracking grant and funder information, payments, project deadlines, impact reports and more — in a single convenient portal and all in the cloud. You can also manage your team seamlessly with Tasks and Reminders and Calendar Integration; meaning your team will receive reminder notifications for upcoming tasks, so you’ll never miss a grant due date.

Most importantly, Grantseeker was built to enable team collaboration and coordination – the platform includes Google Calendar, iCal, Office 365, and Outlook integrations.

At Fluxx, we pride ourselves on our partnerships and integrations. We understand that as a nonprofit, you rely on a suite of tools to tackle donor and volunteer management, fundraising, grants management, campaigns and more.

So please, take a look at your IT checklist today. And don’t forget that, as a nonprofit, discounts on powerful technology and free products are out there. The tech for good space was built to enable true philanthropic success. The right technology is here to enable true impact!


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