Configured for funders. Grantmaker combines workflow management and CRM in a simple, user-friendly interface. You and your team can analyze programs, strengthen strategies, and craft new initiatives. All to unleash more impact.

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Built for nonprofits. A comprehensive funding system, Grantseeker helps nonprofits focus on their work rather than their workflow.


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Fluxx Grantmaker allows our grantees and staff to spend their time on the important work they are doing, instead of wasting time navigating a complex system.

Rick Bond BSof Cal 2019 Cropped-1
Rick Bond

Senior Grants Manager,

Blue Shield of California Foundation

The real value of Fluxx Grantmaker is that it frees up valuable time so that we can actually focus on what's most important to us, which is to improve the lives of Arkansans.

Brad Cameron-Cooper

Communications and Knowledge

Management Associate at the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation

Fluxx Grantmaker has given us the ability to be more inclusive and more transparent with our grantees. It allows us to generate and share knowledge in a way that empowers the communities we work with. And that is the ultimate end-game for us.

Rachel Kimber

Grants Manager at the Arcus Foundation

Fluxx Grantmaker has proven to be a tool that can help us really hone in and improve relationships with our grantee partners. That gets to the core of what we do at The Kresge Foundation, and it is vitally important to the impact that we seek to have in communities where low-income people live.

Marcus McGrew

Director of Program Operations and

Knowledge Management at The Kresge Foundation

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