How to Switch Grants Management Systems

guide_book_cover-lightDownload this guide to help you choose the right technology to accelerate your operations and streamline collaboration. We’ve distilled the learnings from hundreds of foundations and packaged it up just for you.

(Hint, if you're struggling with spreadsheets, a process that hinders more than it helps, or even - gasp! - paper, then this guide is for you!)

  • PROCESS: 7 phases, from exploration to on-going use, for a successful system transition
  • SYSTEM: Key features your new solution should offer for more informed and efficient grantmaking operations
  • PARTNER: 5 characteristics to evaluate to find the right vendor

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Is it Time to Make the Switch to a New Grants Management System?

Has your organization outgrown your current system? Do your team members need to be able to take part in evaluating and accepting grant applications, even when they’re not in the office?

Your software solution should be accelerating your operations by making collaboration easier and streamlining the grant management process. If you are finding that your current system is holding you back and not moving you forward, it’s time for a switch.

As with any process, switching grants management systems has its best practices that can make a tough job a whole lot simpler. Read on for a quick overview of what our guide covers, then download it to get started.

Key Drivers to Switching Grant Management Systems

From exploration to ongoing use, there are 7 phases for a successful system transition. It’s not just about learning which solutions are in the marketplace and what features they offer. By following these phases you’ll get a good understanding of what features are the most important to you and which solutions you’ll choose to investigate further. Learn which questions to ask, how to evaluate the solutions, and even the best practices of launching and using your new grants management system.

“A great technology partner will help you enhance your grantmaking and realize the full value of your grant management system investment now and in the future.”Make sure your new grant management solution has all the features you need to help you maximize your grant management process. We’ve even included a comprehensive checklist of the features that every successful grantmaking organization needs.
Your software solution should work for you, and the features should reflect what you need most to get your grant management operations to the next level.

A great technology partner will help you enhance your grantmaking and realize the full value of your grant management system investment now and in the future. Avoid partners that nickel and dime you to death, or that charge for critical services that you need in order to be successful, and always consider total cost of ownership (TCO) when picking a partner. Download this guide to learn about the five characteristics that any technology partner in the grantmaking space needs to have, and how to evaluate potential partners for their expertise, cultural fit, and more.

Next Steps to Switching your Grant Management Solution

Technology can be a powerful tool to help you maximize your grant management potential, but the wrong technology can exacerbate and even institutionalize your problems. Avoid costly and painful mistakes by leveraging the best practices we’ve developed over our decades of experience building grant management systems for some of the top foundations around the globe. Download our guide and make your life a little easier now and in the years to come!

Go on, we’ve got you covered…!