Improve Grantee Satisfaction and Save Staff Time with Fluxx Grantmaker 


The Pinkerton Foundation focuses its support on community-based programs for children, youth and families in economically disadvantaged areas in New York City. They wanted an automated, comprehensive grants management solution that would address all of the foundation’s needs within a single toolset.

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Working with an Outdated Grants Management Process 

The Foundation, which operated with a small staff of 5, was finding it difficult to work within their MicroEdge GIFTS system. Their process was outdated with an overabundance of paper proposals and other documents, and a program that wasn’t maintained and wasn’t working the way that they needed it to. There was no central location for all of the work that needed to be done, and no easy way to find the information or resources that they needed. 

The Right Questions to Ask

  • Does your staff spend too much time administering the grants management process?
  • Is your current grants management solution meeting your needs?
  • Could a streamlined workflow, the ability to collaborate even on the road, and greater transparency help you do more?
  • If you found yourself saying “yes” to any of those questions, contact us now to get started!

Finding the Right Grants Management Solution

The Pinkerton Foundation team was looking for a solution that would save them time and allow them to focus on processing more grants and create more change in their community. They needed a centralized solution that would consolidate and reduce rework, enable automatic payment updates, give them access to data that was readily available and easy to access, and eliminate the need for mailers. Fluxx’s Grantmaker solution streamlined their workflow and gave them the features that they were looking for. The cloud-based, easy-to-access portal provides grantees with a clear path to apply for grants and track their status and payments.

A Grants Management Solution with Proven Results

By finding a solution that works for them, The Pinkerton Foundation has been able to drastically reduce the time it takes to process grants, which has allowed them to take more time to be active in their community.

This case study shares how, with Grantmaker, The Pinkerton Foundation is able to:

  • Consolidate and reduce rework
  • Enable automatic payment updates
  • Uplevel the foundation’s data
  • Eliminate the need for paper mailers

“Fluxx Grantmaker is a total game-changer. The time I spend processing a grant has been drastically reduced, not to mention the platform is intuitive and easy for our grantees to use as well.” - Yvonne Santos-Schonborg, Grants and Office Manager, The Pinkerton Foundation

Download the complete case study to learn how The Pinkerton Foundation got an automated, comprehensive grants management solution that saved them time and empowered them to empower their grantees