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Impact Investing: a Conversation With Fluxx CEO Madeline Duva


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Impact Investing Roundtable with Madeline Duva

The sharp rise of coronavirus has thrown our world into unprecedented new territory. Cities have enacted shelter in place regulations – including San Francisco where our Fluxx headquarters are housed. Many of us are currently working from home and therefore adjusting to a new normal. We’re defining new boundaries for ourselves, new dedicated workspaces, and tweaking our schedules. For all you work from home warriors looking for something to brighten your day, I have something new to share. 

Our CEO, Madeline Duva and Senior Director of the Salesforce Impact Fund, Claudine Emeott, both recently sat down with the Mission Daily podcast team and shared their perspectives and experiences around social impact investing. 

This podcast was recorded before the spread of coronavirus absorbed our attention, yet the hopeful and inspiring stories in the piece seem more important than ever before. It’s paramount that we come together now to invest in social good and support disenfranchised and vulnerable communities.

Some of the key points they cover include:

  • How the three types of investing – venture capital, social impact, and foundation – work in tandem to tackle problems and provide solutions 
  • The evolution of the impact investment and philanthropic space over the last decade
  • Examples of how Fluxx supports social impact  
  • The collaborative spirit of philanthropy why it matters
  • And how to look ahead with Fluxx and Salesforce Ventures

So if you’re currently working from home and need a break from the news cycle, have a listen to the Mission Daily podcast, and let us know what you thought of the piece on social media. While we may be more remote than ever before, know that you can always continue to connect with Fluxx on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. We want to hear from you. 

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