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How Foundations Can Maximize Impact and Efficiency With Fluxx


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Jessie Ball duPont Center

In 2015, the Jessie Ball duPont Fund was wrestling with the same issues many foundations still struggle with today: how to maximize their impact and improve operational efficiency without further burdening grantees. The Fund – which in 2017 granted 146 grants totaling nearly $5.4 million – was searching for a cloud-based, feature-rich management platform that enabled the grants management team to streamline their day-to-day work.

“We had so many pain points,” said Mark Walker, the Knowledge Management and Technology Officer for the Jessie Ball duPont Fund. At the time the Fund was using a well-known (but inefficient) grants management software, which left team members the task of passing documents back and forth via email.

Walker began searching for a solution that would not only streamline his operations, but uplevel and allow everyone at the Jessie Ball duPont Fund to focus on the work that truly mattered.

Enter Fluxx

Thanks to Fluxx “everything is centralized and everyone has insight into their day-to-day work in ways that they never had before.” Walker said. Not to mention, the Fluxx dashboard is highly configurable, allowing Walker to easily accommodate the entire staff’s working style.

Now that documents are maintained in one central location, the Jessie Ball duPont Fund has been able to improve communication through every part of the grantmaking process.

“Our staff saves 46 hours a year on review processes alone,” Walker said. And while the Fund has always been able to efficiently “get checks out the door,” what used to take a week now takes one day. Another 37 hours a year is saved on closeout reports. Documents that previously had to be recreated time after time are now built automatically using document templates. Thanks to this time saved, Walker estimates that Fluxx is approximately 15 to 20 percent more affordable than the Fund’s prior system.

To learn more about how Fluxx can help you streamline your operational efficiency and up-level your work, download our case study today. 

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