Jill Richards

Stories by Jill

Nonprofit Technology

4 Communication Tips to Lock in that Grant

Read for four tips that will help your team communicate in a way that’s both appealing to potential grantmakers and helps you clearly define your...

Nonprofit Technology

Census 2020: Important Ruling for Democracy

The Supreme Court struck down the 2020 census citizenship question. Social justice advocates see this ruling as a critical step in the right...

Nonprofit Technology

4 Strategies for Nonprofits to Attract Donors

It takes gumption to fundraise. If you’re a grantseeker ready to grow your fundraising, then check out these strategies that will widen your donor...

Nonprofit Technology

How Trust and Transparency Fuel Funding

Nonprofits, whether you’re planning a new crowdfunding campaign or just trying to increase communication with your donors, it’s time to let your...

Future of Philanthropy

It's Time to Scale Your Grantmaking

The key to lasting impact is the ability to scale and adapt and technology can help. When you’re able to share, reproduce, and generate impact beyond...

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