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Announcing the Fluxx Preferred Partner Program


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Fluxx Preferred Partner Program

We are thrilled to announce the creation of our Preferred Partner Program! These partners of Fluxx are highly trained and ready to help bring success to your organization by making sure you get the most out of your Fluxx solution.

The Preferred Partner Program is structured into three categories:

  • Implementation partners can further configure your Grantmaker solution and can build integrations to a 3rd party applications in your ecosystem using Fluxx’s robust open APIs.
  • Consulting partners work alongside your team to analyze your business processes, help tackle training and change management, prepare and cleanse your data, and more!.
  • Integration partners offer configurable solutions to connect select web applications (CRM, financial, and industry) to flow seamlessly to/from Fluxx.

Want to meet them? Then visit our partner directory.

So why work with a Fluxx partner?

Some projects require specific skills or resources your organization doesn’t have. Working with a preferred partner is the best way to leverage certified resources when you need them while keeping your team focused on its core mission.

How are Fluxx partners selected?

We hold our preferred partners to the same high standards as those for our own employees. In order to become a partner, a company first goes through an extensive assessment process. Once approved, our partners are extensively trained on the details of Fluxx Grantmaker system features and configuration. In addition, we look to our partners as an extension of Fluxx, therefore their values and approach are also very important. With both deep knowledge and culture in alignment, we welcome them into the Preferred Partner Program. Similar to our employees, education and training is ongoing, and that same rigor is established for our partners as well to ensure an empowered ecosystem of resources for our clients.

How do I connect with a Fluxx partner?

Tell us a bit about your project by filling in the partner inquiry form and we will help you navigate our network and match you with the right partner for your project. Although you may already know of a partner that works with Fluxx, we strongly suggest that you work through our team to ensure you’re working with a preferred partner who meets our standards for quality.

Additional questions? Please reach out to us directly at

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