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Fluxx Unveils Vision For Connected Philanthropy


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Today, I shared our vision for the future at Fluxxcon: A platform for connected philanthropy, through which those who fund change, and those who carry it out on the ground, can find each other and work together. Connected philanthropy will get the right money to the right people at the right time.

Our vision is to democratize philanthropy.

Philanthropy has been around for thousands of years. In the US, philanthropists, as far back as Ben Franklin, have sought information to help them spend their money the most effectively:

  • Who should I work with?

  • How do I determine the best ways to help?

  • How can I ensure that my money is being spent wisely, and for good?
    And how can I manage my efforts, without stalling them?

Likewise, the changemakers seeking funding have had their own questions:

  • Who might be willing to fund my work?
  • How do I request funding from them?
  • Who might I collaborate with, so that we all can do more good?
  • How do I let funders, and potential funders, know how well we are putting their money to use? 

At Fluxx, we see that these questions are growing more urgent. As the amount of money flowing through foundations increases, new mega-donors come on board, and the need for nonprofits to play an increasing role due to changes in government policies, weather, migration, and other global changes, getting the answers has become daunting.

Incrementally improving the tools of philanthropy will only take us so far.

Networks make our lives better

At Fluxx, we see what the future should look like. Technology companies have proven that networks can makeover whole industries for the better. Most of us are already using some of these:

  • Uber owns no cars yet connects drivers and riders so you can easily arrive at your destination
  • Airbnb owns no hotels, yet connects hosts and guests so you always have a place to call home
  • Facebook employs no journalists, yet it’s the world’s largest media company and is never short on content

Our vision

Fluxx envisions a network specifically for foundations and nonprofits.

Fluxx doesn’t put up funds of its own, yet we connect givers and changemakers. We plan to become the largest channel of charitable giving.

Imagine a network of givers and doers. A single place to sign on that allows for a level of transparency and impact far greater than today. What are the benefits?

  • Foundations can see what others are funding
  • Foundations can see how their grantees are doing in real time, rather than waiting six to twelve months for a report that is often dated by the time it hits their desk
  • Foundations and nonprofits can leverage learnings from each other to hasten the implementation of solutions that work

Nonprofits will also benefit from a network:

  • They only need to create and manage one presence on one portal
  • Dashboards will alert them to deadlines and tasks. Fluxx fully integrates with any calendar that allows subscribing including Google, Outlook, and Apple.
  • Tasks and deadlines can be assigned to coworkers

We know firsthand the frustrations that both foundations and nonprofits face: Silos of information created by incompatible or unconnected systems. Geographic limits, because people aren’t on the same network. Collaboration, creativity, and progress are hampered.

In this new world, foundations will be able to collaborate much more easily. They will be able to see who has done what, and where. They can find other foundations working in overlapping areas. They can even see who is funding which nonprofits. They can share information in a format that works for everyone, whatever software they use.

In short, nonprofits and foundations will be able to collaborate at a level unheard of in today’s world.

How we get there

Besides a single sign-on portal with dashboards, the Fluxx network will include:

  • Profiles for nonprofits that let both foundations and other nonprofits research whom they might want to work with
  • Success metrics defined both by foundations for their grantees and also by the grantees themselves -- the feet on the street. This will allow for more accurate tracking of what’s working, and what isn’t, in real time
  • A network that’s secure, scalable, agile, resilient, and integrated with other tools

We see it clearly: A network for philanthropy won’t just make work easier. It will transform giving, bringing the right money to the right people, in time to do good. We are better together. Philanthropy. Connected.

To learn more about connected philanthropy and the Fluxx vision, read our white paper.


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