Fluxx Awards Highlight Foundation Innovation and Contribution


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 Fluxx Awards


At Fluxxcon this year we were again inspired by how incredibly powerful it is to have so many of our customers gathered in one place. We’re thankful to be part of a community that helps so many, and is committed enough to fly grants managers from all over the U.S., and from as far away as India and New Zealand to attend our conference in San Francisco to share ideas. We’re lucky to have clients that are visionaries in their spaces too – people who are forever committed to finding new ways to innovate and improve the work they do.

This year’s Fluxx awards honored those pushing boundaries in the space who exemplify the shared values of community, contribution, innovation, and transparency. We are pleased to have awarded these organizations for their contributions.

2018 Fluxxcon Awards

Exceptional Community Connector Award: Caring for Colorado 

  • Caring for Colorado consistently brings together the Fluxx community forging connections and bonds between users. Their team hosts regional user groups and regularly drives conversations throughout our various community groups. And, they’re always willing to jump in and speak at Fluxx events – making themselves available to our community. Thank you for being such a great community contributor!

Most Valuable Community Contributor Award: The Ford Foundation

  • The Ford Foundation impresses us with their commitment to always foster and share best practices throughout the Fluxx community. It’s safe to say they are our community super-user and super-contributor! Thank you for helping others to create more impact!

Exceptional Grantee Experience Award: Knight Foundation

  • The Knight Foundation’s continuous commitment to improving the grantee experience is inspiring and we thank you. Over the years the foundation has gone out of its way to create the most optimal, efficient, and innovative experiences for their grantees by drastically reducing the steps in their grantmaking process, ensuring that their grantees have 100 percent visibility into the grant approval process, and seriously speeding up their grantmaking process, among other innovations.

Excellence in Fluxx API and Integration Award: MacArthur Foundation

  • Not only has the MacArthur Foundation integrated multiple systems using the Fluxx API (nearly all of their systems in fact), but they’ve also innovated new and exciting ways to utilize the Fluxx API and even taught other foundations using Fluxx how to do the same. We thank them for showing us novel ways to make the most of Fluxx.

Outstanding Fluxx Evangelist Award: NZDIA

  • We can’t thank NZDIA enough for taking the time to always share their Fluxx experience with prospective new clients. Their references and open communication have truly helped build and grow our Fluxx community. Thank you NZDIA!

Each one of these foundations approaches its work with care, reaching far beyond their grantees and personal network, to connect with others in the philanthropic space. Our community wouldn’t be the same (and certainly wouldn't have grown as quickly) without them. Their ideas and innovations have heavily influenced our platform updates, and their transparency has made it possible for us all to grow. Congratulations and thank you to our winners! 

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