Your Grants Management Solution Needs Administrator Control + Data Organization to be Most Valuable. Here’s Why


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grants management solution need admin control

So much has to go into a robust grants management solution in order for teams to successfully understand and leverage their data, and streamline their work. One of the most important factors is if platform administrators can control who sees what, and when. Why? Because grantmaking “takes a village.” It’s a team effort that relies heavily on each player, and when process confusion exists in your workflow, grantees have to wait longer for funds or basic information. Here’s what you want to do:

Enable Your Team 

Make sure you have detailed access and role control in your platform. That means that administrators should be able to organize team members according to their role and make sure that they’re seeing the information that’s relevant to them. 

For example, it wouldn’t make sense to have a board member and a grants manager have access to the same information. After all, a grants manager needs to track the lifecycle of the grant while a board member would find that information needless when their role is to sign-off on large gifts; or they simply want a snapshot of how many grants were awarded per quarter. 

It’s essential for administrators to be able to control this flow of information in order to make it easy for each team member to clearly see exactly what matters to them throughout the grants process. This, in turn, will enable teams to work more efficiently. 

Propel Efficiency

If your grants management solution enables your team to organize your grant workflow and information on a “need to know” basis, suddenly you’ve drastically reduced confusion and information overload. Each team member will be able to login to your platform and quickly see the information that applies to them (whether it’s a proposal, grantee impact update, or award letter that needs that final signature). This way they instantly understand their workload and expectations and are able to quickly communicate the right information to grantees and the rest of your team.

In Fluxx Grantmaker we make this happen through the following ways.

We Give Platform Administrators Control Over their Work

We enable teams to take charge of their workload by providing administrators with full control over roles and permissions throughout the platform. Each team member can be assigned a “role,” such as grants manager, program officer, admin assistant, executive, and more. There is no limitation to the number of roles you can set for each team member. Each role is then provided with access and controls to the portion of the workflow, (as in the parts of the grant cycle) that they manage – and most importantly, they quickly see the information they need. We do this by displaying important data and information on “cards.” 

Cards Let You Organize Data Efficiently 

Fluxx Grantmaker cards act as “containers” of organized data. They move team members efficiently through the stages of the grant cycle by showing viewers the right grant cycle data at the right time. For example, an executive could log into Fluxx Grantmaker and see a card that shows which grants are still pending review and require his/her signature. And that would be all that the executive would see because an administrator focused their role on this portion of the grant cycle. Compartmentalized data, segmented according to role and designed to fit the needs of individual areas of focus, is a highly effective way of ensuring that your data is properly managed and understood. 

So ask yourself, does my grants management solution enable administrators to have full control over my team and the processes they need to complete in order to work more efficiently? Does my solution allow me to organize my data in a way that’s easy to manage according to the people who need to see it? In today’s digital age, dominated by a sharp increase in remote work, you will need this level of creative control in order to support your team so they can work better and faster. 

You can learn more about Fluxx Grantmaker on our product page, or reach out to a team member for more information.


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