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Reflect and Recommit – An Analysis of Philanthropy As We Look to the New Year

By Kristy Gannon on 12/30/2020

For many of us, late December offers the first moment to reflect on one of the busiest years in philanthropy’s recent history. It’s a moment of reprieve that invites us to slow down and reflect upon our challenges and experiences, and envision what we hope to achieve next year. 

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Children's Investment Fund Foundation Uses Data To Change Children's Lives

By Kristy Gannon on 12/18/2015

Matthew Maguire takes data to heart.

“It’s how we track all of our progress,” says Maguire, a finance business partner at the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation. “Data is what holds us accountable. It’s one of our core values and is driven through everything that we do.”

Maguire and his London-based team have committed to using data to drive decision-making to achieve their mission of creating a world where every child can not only survive, but also thrive.

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Beyond the Numbers: The Future of Measuring Impact

By Kristy Gannon on 06/27/2015

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