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5 Ways Fluxx Grantseeker Builds Capacity for Your Mission (for free)


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We know vital missions require the best tools. We also know that measuring and sharing impact can be challenging, yet it’s the most important barometer that foundations and nonprofits have for their work. Impact is why we launched the Fluxx Grantseeker platform back in 2017. We believe that nonprofits should have access to the same quality platform as foundations, so they too can streamline operations, truly “see” their data, lessen administrative burden, deepen connections and increase impact.

Not familiar with Grantseeker?

Here’s what you need to know:

Grantseeker helps you organize your grants management process, so everyone on your team stays on the same page. It does this by tackling five key components tied to any nonprofit’s success. 


Consider Grantseeker to be your modern workflow for managing grants. It allows you to see and track everything in one convenient place, and everything is stored in the cloud. With Grantseeker you can: 

  • Store grant and funder information
  • Track payments and reports
  • Designate internal project leads
  • Add organize funder contact information

Picture this: All of your data is just a click away at your fingertips. When your data is centralized and in the cloud, it becomes that much easier to measure impact, track change, recognize patterns, and point to data as a measure of progress that shows all the ways grants to your organization matter. 


One of the key ways to maintain a strong relationship with a foundation is to honor deadlines – Grantseeker allows you to initiate this process at the team level. Use the platform to create helpful reminders and encourage your team to be proactive about every due date. Assign teammates tasks, set reminders for a specific grant or funder, receive notifications directly to your inbox, and have an inbox for tasks assigned to you and outbox for tasks you have created. 


Grantseeker allows you to store data for common questions in a central hub so everyone, (even consultants), can apply for grants more efficiently. Use our answer bank feature to quickly find standard questions and their answers. You can also categorize this information by prompt or response. 


We’ve already outlined the importance of discoverability for nonprofits – but we’ll say it again: a strong web presence will help you lock in volunteers, funding, and results. An easy (and free) way to do this is through maintaining a robust social media program. Grantseeker lets you share your work through real-time updates and social media posts. Yes – you can post directly to your social media channels in the same convenient platform you use to keep funders and your team up to date!

Most importantly, these core components of Grantseeker are completely free – and always will be. We want to help you build capacity, secure more grants and create the most impact so you can focus on your mission and the important work you .

Interested in trying Grantseeker? Sign up for free today.

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