Peery Foundation Dives into Data and Brings New Value to Grantees


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When the Peery Foundation decided it was time to look for a new grants management solution, the foundation was using three separate tools for their grants management and project management needs. "We were duplicating our efforts when it came to recording our grant information and it was not an efficient use of the team's time," says Jocelyn Rheem, program associate and project lead on the foundation’s search for a new grants management platform.

After considering multiple options, Rheem concluded that Fluxx, with its flexibility and ease-of-use, was Peery’s top choice for a new grants management platform.

Now Peery uses Fluxx’s personalized and shared dashboards to increase efficiency and gain greater visibility into each program’s portfolio. “We love our dashboards,” Rheem says. “Each team member has a different dashboard for completely different purposes, but they all serve that purpose so well.”

For example, Peery’s portfolio directors meet with the executive director and the managing director each week for what Rheem calls “radar” meetings. They each have a personalized dashboard that they share with the executive director for every meeting. “Our shared dashboards keep us all completely in sync and in tune with each other. Before we were doing calls and video chat, but now all the information we need is right there where we need it.”

“Another thing we’re excited about are the data visualizations of our pipeline of grants,” Rheem says. With one click Peery will be able to see, for example, every donor-advised fund and exactly how much money has been paid out for that fund in the fiscal year. “We have never had the ability to do that. That level of accountability in reporting for us is going to be a huge win,” Rheem adds.

Ultimately these gains in visibility and efficiency allow Peery to do more of what they do, and do it better. “It allows us to expand our capacity because now our portfolio directors are able to focus their time less on logistical details, and more on face-to-face meetings and nitty-gritty interactions that are a huge value add for our grantees,” Rheem concludes.

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