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Honoring Grantseekers This National Nonprofit Day


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National Nonprofit Day

August 17th is National Nonprofit Day – a day of acknowledgment established so that people may take a moment to appreciate the incredible impact that nonprofits have around the world. Not only are nonprofits the premier drivers of social good, but they’re also a huge benefit to our economy, accounting for millions of employees and volunteers, and countless funds being poured back into communities.

So how do we at Fluxx plan to give back to those whose sole job it is to give? By maintaining our commitment to Pledge 1% through volunteer opportunities and our premier tool for nonprofits – Fluxx Grantseeker. Read on to learn about two local volunteer activities we plan to take part in during the month of August, and learn how Fluxx Grantseeker makes the role of nonprofit employees and volunteers easier. As a bonus, we’ve also added some tips on how you can give back to your community as well!

Showing our support through volunteer efforts

Our first August volunteer event is a large one-time landscaping and cleanup event at Crissy Field – part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in San Francisco. Our team will be working with groundskeeping teams to pick up litter, garden, and provide trail maintenance.

The second event is a weekly ongoing volunteer commitment at Larkin Street Youth Services for a rotating group of Fluxx volunteers. Over the years, Larkin Street Youth Services has provided over 75,000 young people a safe place to rebuild their lives through “housing, education, employment training, and health and wellness support.” We will be pitching in on kitchen services and helping to sort clothing donations.

Keep in mind, this is just what we have planned for August. Throughout the year Fluxx makes a consistent effort to volunteer in the Bay Area and New York at countless amazing organizations!

Providing nonprofits with FREE grants management software

Another way we work to support amazing nonprofits is with Fluxx Grantseeker – an easy-to-use, free grants management tool that helps nonprofits showcase their impact and stay on top of tasks, requests, reports, and payments. Grantseeker is another part of our organization’s Pledge 1% commitment, meaning it’s the portion of our product that we give away in order to fulfill our promise of giving back one percent or more of our time, equity, and product.

We’ve built Fluxx Grantseeker specifically to address the needs of nonprofits so they can manage their grant deadlines and share their impact with funders. It’s a powerful and flexible tool, designed to be easy-to-use for both part-time volunteers and full-time employees. It was built to make the jobs of changemakers easier – so they can spend less time budgeting and more time focusing on their meaningful work.

Curious about how you can help?

If you don’t work at a nonprofit and are wondering how you or your organization can give back and participate in National Nonprofit Day, consider the following:

  • Volunteer and give back to your local community
  • Donate to your favorite organization
  • Share social media posts from your favorite organizations to help spread the word about their causes – don’t forget to use the hashtag #nationalnonprofitday

If you work at a nonprofit and are wondering how you can give back, let the following options inspire you:

  • Encourage your team to share social media posts about your work using the hashtag #nationalnonprofitday
  • Thank your volunteers with a heartfelt card or email
  • Celebrate your benefactors and let them know just how important they are to you

In the spirit of the above suggestions, we’d like to share a big THANK YOU to our thousands of amazing Grantseeker and Grantmaker clients who we consider to be our philanthropic partners. With the help of your feedback and support, we’re working to build even better products for a growing community of charitable organizations.


Grantseeker is free, you can signup and begin using the platform today.

Learn more about Grantmaker here.


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