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Colorado COVID Relief Fund launches Rapid Response Grants with Fluxx Grants Management System


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Colorado COVID relief grants mangement

COVID-19 has brought much of our society to a screeching halt, and within philanthropy it has disrupted volunteering plans across the world and re-focused countless funding initiatives. But as for our work here at Fluxx? We’re busier than ever. We’re rallying around funders old and new to help them tackle COVID-19 in a multitude of ways.

Recently we supported an exciting new COVID-19 initiative – from ideation through deployment. Our team’s labor was provided pro bono as part of our Pledge 1% commitment, and frankly, it’s the right thing to do at a time like this.

We’re excited to share that Fluxx was selected to power the new state-wide Colorado COVID Relief Fund. Driven by the Colorado Governor's Office and supported by our client The Colorado Health Foundation, this initiative was formed to provide grants up to $25k to nonprofit organizations, local governments, school districts and small businesses of Colorado to help support communities most disproportionately impacted by the crisis.

Within two weeks, the Colorado COVID Relief Fund Fluxx solution was live. In record time, our team built the Fund’s web portal and backend site that were used to accept applications, process grants through each phase of the cycle, and allow multiple review committees to review and score applications through our solution. The Fund received more than 1,100 applications within the first two-week grant cycle. 

Three grant cycles later, the Fund has received 2,451 applications and disbursed $11.1 million to 505 grantees. The Fund has also raised nearly $18 million so far and will continue accepting applications for at least two more grant cycles.  

“We’re forever grateful to Fluxx for donating their services to build the application platform for the Colorado COVID Relief Fund. We know that every minute help is delayed has a real impact on people’s lives, and this partnership has revealed the power of nimbleness in the midst of crisis. The team rolled up their sleeves and threw out the rulebook to stand this up quickly, and now, just a couple weeks later, funding is on its way to Colorado communities bearing the brunt of the health, social and economic ramifications of the coronavirus crisis. Fluxx is certainly more than grant management software. It’s a group of people who care about the same things we do,” said Karen McNeil-Miller, President and CEO of The Colorado Health Foundation and Executive Committee Member for the Colorado COVID Relief Fund.

With so many government and private institutions currently buckling under the strain of this global pandemic, we are proud to see philanthropy step up to the plate and rapidly deploy resources and assistance. We’re honored to support the Colorado Governor's Office and The Colorado Health Foundation’s efforts to mitigate COVID-19’s impact on their state.

We will continue to support our funders tackling COVID-19 from the frontlines, and share more stories about this important work on our blog in the coming months. 


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