The Foundation's Guide to Grants Management Software

Thinking about grants management software? Our downloadable guide can help you:

foundation's guide to grants management software
  • Get key indicators as to whether you need a grants management solution
  • Find out how grants management systems can help you maximize your grantmaking
  • Get the key functions every grants management software should provide

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What is Grants Management Software?

Grantmaking can be a complex and time consuming venture, even for relatively small or mid-sized funders (not to mention the foundations paying out grants in millions or even billions of dollars). Managing the entire process — including tracking scores of applications, reviewers, requirements, and payments simultaneously — takes serious planning, foresight, and a good grants management software solution.

Grants management software solutions help grantmakers tame their workflows and optimize their communications with applicants and grantees for the duration of the grant life cycle. Software can automate many of the administrative tasks associated with grantmaking, freeing staff to concentrate on strategy, relationships, and opportunities otherwise lost inside an unruly grantmaking process.

Download our free guide to grants management software to get the inside scoop on which questions to ask and what answers to look for.

What Should Grants Management Software Provide for You?

Grants management software should provide so much more than a simple CRM, tracking features, or an online application. Grants management software has the ability to usher grantmakers into the future of grantmaking and help create more meaningful impact. Modern systems should allow and even encourage funders to be transparent, accessible, and ultimately more connected to their grantees.

Download our free guide to learn about the 15 critical items a grants management system should have.

Do You Need a Grants Management System?

If you’re still tracking grants using spreadsheets, you need a dedicated grants management system. If you’re using a homegrown solution or a legacy system that hasn’t been updated in a few years, it’s time to look at modern solutions. Grants management is complicated. Even relatively small grantmakers will find a system useful. Often, grants require multiple reviewers, multiple payouts, and follow-up progress reporting.

"Choose the grants management system that’s right for you based on your requirements, not someone else’s."Grantmakers want to be able to access reports that show how well (or not) their grantmaking investments are performing. It’s clear that the management and activity needed to successfully administer even a single grant — and ultimately create impact — is no small job. When you decide to implement a new system, remember: Technology doesn’t solve all your problems, but it can make your job a heck of a lot easier, and you’ll ultimately make a greater impact by implementing smart technology.

Choose the grants management system that’s right for you based on your requirements, not someone else’s. Test drive it. Get a feel for it. It should look nice and be easy to use. Talk to foundations using the software to get a feel for how it has helped them and what the setup process is like. And, of course, we’re here to help.
Download our free guide and reach out to us here.

More about Fluxx
Fluxx has a mind for technology and a heart for philanthropy. Our vision and innovation are propelled by a deep commitment to transform the grant process and spark lasting good. Fluxx’s cloud-based products are differentiated by a unique, intuitive user interface that makes the collaboration, clarity, and organization of data effortless. Large and small foundations, nonprofits, government agencies, and corporations are dramatically shortening their grant cycles and making more strategic decisions with Fluxx. Until there’s no further need for philanthropy, we’ll continue to expand our mission-critical solutions to drive real change.