Fluxx Grantmaker Saves The Jessie Ball duPont Fund 460 Staff Hours

Fluxx_DuPont_case_studyThe Jessie Ball duPont Fund works to build assets, expand access, and create opportunities for organizations and communities in Florida, Virginia, and Delaware primarily.

The Fund, which granted $6.9 million through approximately 175 grants in 2018 to organizations helping those in need, was looking for a change to a solution that would help them improve productivity and save time from the paper-based process and cumbersome grants management software that they were using. 

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The Grantmakers’ Challenge

Despite using Blackbaud’s GIFTS, The Jessie Ball duPont Fund had to rely on an uncentralized solution that had them passing documents back and forth via email, along with other inefficiencies that left them underwhelmed and constantly chasing down resources. Their solution gave stakeholders limited involvement in the process and created wasted hours of busywork by their staff.

To drive more impact, The Jessie Ball duPont Fund needed to elevate its grantmaking, further develop grantee relationships, and eliminate bureaucratic inefficiencies. They needed a solution that would offer them straightforward workflows and an easy-to-use collaborative environment that would aid in their success. Communication being the key to any successful team, they were looking for a solution that would empower their stakeholders to be more involved in the grant process, and free their team from the unnecessary busywork that was part of their current process.


The Right Questions to Ask

  • Does your organization need a better grantmaker software solution?
  • Is an easy to use and highly customizable grants management solution that provides for greater data management, data visualization, and customizable reports what you are looking for?
  • Are you looking for a cloud-based solution that will allow for easy integration into your current processes?


If you found yourself saying “yes” to any of those questions, contact us now to get started!

Finding a Solution to the Grantmakers’ Dilemma

Centralizing their workflow process, Fluxx Grantmaker seemed to do the impossible and was an instantaneous success. The Fund now had the ability to generate documents, build reports, and more - meeting all their needs in one platform solution. Their workflow problem was solved, and their stakeholders were able to become more involved in the grant process.


A Grantmaking Solution with Proven Results

The Fluxx Grantmaker solution improved The Fund’s communication flow at every touchpoint. With its truly customizable solution, Fluxx Grantmaker was able to centralize The Fund’s grant management process and save their team time, allowing them to focus on what really matters - granting funds to the organizations that need them, which enables them to make our communities better.

Fluxx connects grantmakers and grantseekers in ways that help both sides do more. Our mission is to deliver technology that empower the philanthropic community to be even more effective in carrying out their missions. We care so that you can care even more.

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