4 Keys to Successful Storytelling in Philanthropy with the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation

Numbers alone can't fuel strategic insights and action in grantmaking. Often, it's the stories that come with the data that are the most compelling.

How can you use storytelling to amplify the impact of your grantmaking? In this live webinar, Brad Cameron-Cooper of Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation will show you how. 

Watch the live webinar now to learn the 4 keys to successful storytelling in philanthropy:

  • How to develop a shared vision for your foundation’s story

  • How to build capacity and tell the most complete story possible

  • Why it's important to tell your story (and for your audience to hear it) 

  • How to learn from experience and perfect your approach

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Communications and Knowledge Management Associate, Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation
Brad Cameron-Cooper is the Communications and Knowledge Management Associate at the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation, where he ensures that data collection, analysis, and sharing reflects strategic alignment. Previously, Brad has worked for UK-based Limited Resource Teacher Training and Teach for America. He's also served as Communications Director for The Disruption Department, an organization that provides engineering and design learning opportunities. 


Director of Impact, Fluxx
David Goodman, Ph.D., is the Director of Impact at Fluxx, a grants management technology company. In his role, he engages with both grantmakers and nonprofits to find ways to better use data, metrics, and research to help them achieve greater impact and sustainability. David has served as the Director of Evaluation and Learning at the Houston Endowment, the Managing Director of Data Governance at Teach for America, and as Researcher at Edvance Research & Research Specialist at the Texas Education Agency.