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If you’re a grants manager at a foundation, chances are you’ve touched your organization’s data in several ways, if you aren’t leading the charge personally! Fortunately, recent advancements in technology enable grants managers to do more with their data. This is particularly important when time, staff, or other resources are scarce.  

Watch this live webinar recording, hosted by PEAK Grantmaking and facilitated by Fluxx’s Director of Impact, David Goodman, featuring Adriana Jimenez, Director of Grants Management at the ASPCA and Gwyneth Tripp, Grants & Contracts Manager at the Blue Shield of California Foundation. You’ll learn: 

  • How grants managers currently use data
  • What challenges grants managers encounter with their organization’s data - and how to overcome them
  • How a data-driven, tech-forward approach to grants management enables more collaboration and strategic decision-making foundation-wide

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Director of Grants Management, ASPCA
Adriana Jiménez joined the ASPCA in 2017 as Director of Grants Management. In this role she oversees several key aspects of the organization’s $14 million+ grantmaking portfolio, including: RFP development; due diligence oversight; grant approvals; and systems implementation/management. Adriana sits on the Board of Directors of PEAK Grantmaking (formerly the Grants Managers Network), and currently co-chairs its Governance Committee.


of Blue Shield of California Foundation
Gwyneth Tripp works at the intersection of people, process, and practice at the Foundation. She engages with staff across the organization to identify needs and possibilities and implement creative, durable changes that improve the way in which we do our work. Always on the hunt for new practices that could enhance the Foundation's impact and endurance, Ms. Tripp helps to cultivate an environment of inquiry, curiosity, and design. Since joining the Foundation in 2004, she has played an essential role in core operations, grants management, and office culture.