watch on demand: live webinar with CARNEGIE CORPORATION OF NEW YORK

Fluxx Grantmaker Pioneers:
Carnegie Corporation of New York Improves Accessibility to Critical Data 
Tuesday, October 24 @ 11 AM PST  

What is the future of grantmaking? It’s transparent, accessible, and ultimately more connected.

In the second episode of this series, join the team at the Carnegie Corporation of New York,  as they discuss how the move from a database to a centralized, live data management system has improved data accessibility across different partners and programs and provided transparency into the process and grants in progress.

Register for this live webinar to find out how Carnegie Corporation has used Fluxx to overcome operational redundancies and:

  • Forecast planned grant opportunities proposed by program staff 
  •  Strengthen record-keeping and digital archiving 
  • Significantly improve accessibility to critical data, even on the go
  • ...and more!

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