A Platform for Impact in Philanthropy

connected-philanthropy-whitepaper-fluxx-borderWe live in a world that is changing both rapidly and dramatically. The public sector can’t always keep up, which is why philanthropy needs to work harder than ever to fill the gaps and improve people’s lives. This taxes the often-stretched resources and operations of those working across the philanthropic ecosystem. Fluxx believes the answer is to create a network — for both givers and doers — to bring the proven “network effect” of technology to work into the philanthropic space.

Hundreds of leading foundations are using Grantmaker

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Connecting Philanthropy to Technology to Build a Network for Change

With a new generation of tech mega-donors the need to connect nonprofits to philanthropists that are seeking to fund meaningful foundations has become evident. The dated process of funding is limited and unable to keep up with the increasing demand of both philanthropic donors and the nonprofits seeking funding. 

Connected Philanthropy meets this challenge by addressing the visibility needed by both sides to allow for greater collaboration and tracking for funding.


The Right Questions to Ask

  • What could you do with greater insights into what is being funded across communities?
  • Could you apply learnings from others in your community to be more effective?
  • Could you increase your impact by reducing the time needed to manage your grants?
  • If any of these questions excited you, then you’re ready to get connected!


The Benefits of the Fluxx Platform

With all of the challenges that are faced in philanthropy, including the changes in policy and climate, a platform allows for greater transparency so that philanthropists can easily get connected to the nonprofits that are doing the work needed to improve our communities and create meaningful change in the world. Here are some key benefits of the platform, Fluxx Grantmaker.

  • Foundations can fully see what they and others are funding 
  • Foundations can see how their grantees are doing in real-time, rather than waiting six to twelve months for a report that is often outdated by the time it arrives 
  • Nonprofits can manage all of their grants in one place with a single, consistent view across all the foundations they work with for every step in the process 
  • Nonprofits can more easily report on the metrics requested by foundations but can also share their perspectives on the metrics that they think are most important 
  • Nonprofits and foundations can leverage learnings from each other to hasten the implementation of solutions that work


How Fluxx Solves the Problem

By creating a platform that connects philanthropists and nonprofits, Fluxx has built a solution that encourages the connections needed between philanthropists and nonprofits by taking away many of the challenges that they face.

Interested in learning more? Fill out this form to download our whitepaper and find out what a platform for impact in philanthropy can do for you!