Think Like a Business (ish)

What habits can nonprofits and foundations adopt from the private sector to increase their impact?  An engaging, practical webinar to learn how to amplify your nonprofit's impact by adopting proven best practices from the for-profit sector.

This webinar focuses on empowering nonprofits and foundations by integrating successful practices from the business sector to enhance their impact. It's designed for leaders within the nonprofit realm who are seeking innovative strategies to overcome resource limitations and amplify their social contributions. The session will cover practical habits that can be adopted to achieve a more business-oriented approach, albeit with a clear understanding of the unique challenges and goals within the nonprofit space. The discussion will be enriched with real-world examples, offering a comprehensive perspective on how data and strategic thinking can drive meaningful change and growth in the nonprofit sector.

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What You'll Learn

  • Prioritizing Data: Understanding how to place data at the core of your operations, fostering a cycle of innovation and growth that parallels successful business practices.

  • Engaging Key Stakeholders: Learning the importance of viewing donors as investors, recognizing their need for tangible returns on their contributions, and the role this perspective plays in securing long-term success and support.

  • Integrating Data and Strategy: Discovering how to merge data insights with strategic planning to not only achieve your mission but also ensure sustainability and efficiency akin to a well-run business.

  • Adapting to Change: Gaining insight into how embracing a culture of adaptability and continuous improvement, akin to dynamic business environments, can lead to greater resilience and relevance in the ever-evolving social sector landscape. 



Ori Carmel



Sophie Blondeau