Why you want to watch:
Managing grants you decide to award plays a critical role in achieving the impact your organization aims to create.

But it requires juggling a lot of balls: work with your program team to define priorities and measure outcomes, work with your grantees to help them apply, work with your finance team to make sure payments are made on time, and so much more. Basically it is a team sport. And the best teams need the right tools!

In this webinar Grove Foundation will share their journey from choosing Fluxx to power their grantmaking, to integrating their grants management and finance systems to maximize efficiencies and collaboration across teams, for the benefit of their grantees.

What you will learn:
Grove Foundation will share their common story that highlights:

  • Why they decided to use a grants managements system (GMS) to power their grantmaking
  • Why and how they integrated their GMS with their financial system
  • Key lessons on what worked and what was challenging