Even the best-laid plans go awry, and this is also true for philanthropy.

When sudden social, environmental, or health-related emergencies arise, usual grantmaking operations need to adapt to award funds more rapidly and efficiently address new problems. At the same time, plans need to be put into place and frameworks need to be developed to understand the impact of those changes on your organization.

So, where should you start? Should these sudden emergencies be supported for the long run? Could those new processes be the new normal?

We want to help. Fluxx teamed up with Grantbook to share useful best practices for rapid response grantmaking that you can apply to any mission or emergency.

Learn Best Practices:

  • Grantbook’s principles and best practices on how to plan for long-term impact while tackling rapid response emergencies
  • Fluxx’s 7 practical steps you to streamline (and speed up) your grant workflow from application to reporting
  • Lessons from Surdna Foundation – discover how they efficiently repurposed funds and reimagined their granting processes for COVID-19

Kristy Gannon, Fluxx

Kristy Gannon is Chief Operating Officer at Fluxx where she’s responsible for determining how Fluxx is used throughout implementation. Gannon joined the founding team as VP of Product in 2012 with a passion for using technology to empower the work changemakers do. Prior to joining Fluxx Gannon worked at Maxim Integrated where she led product management for the mobile audio product line and launched some of the most successful products in its history.


Aisling Nolan, Grantbook

Aisling has worked in the non-profit and social impact space for over a decade, designing, implementing, and managing local and large-scale projects locally and internationally. She’s had the pleasure of contributing to world-renowned organizations, working in disaster management, social enterprise, mental health, and, prior to joining Grantbook, running a national crowdfunding organization focused on innovative funding models to divert resources to grassroots groups in Canada.


Jonathan Goldberg, Surdna Foundation

Jonathan Goldberg is the Director of Learning and Grant Operations at the Surdna Foundation. Jonathan oversees policies and procedures for the Foundation’s grantmaking operations. Most importantly, Goldberg advises programs, management, and the board so they can align on key learnings from Surdna data and understand how it can inform policy change at the foundation. Jonathan is also in charge of the foundation’s information systems.