Collaboration is at the core of philanthropy.

As foundations, nonprofit organizations and governments are increasingly trying to coordinate their efforts and learn from each other, how can technology players participate?

Enter – the Fluxx Grantmaker and DocuSign partnership. Fluxx and Docusign are collaborating to offer grantmakers an integrated solution to power their giving at all stages of the grant cycle.

In this webinar, Deb McBride will share how she and her team at the Caring for Colorado Foundation streamlined their grantmaking, eliminated paper waste, and saved themselves countless hours of work with Fluxx Grantmaker and DocuSign.

Join the conversation to learn:

  • How leading technology providers are teaming up to better power philanthropy
  • How your foundation can improve its grantmaking operations with the Fluxx Grantmaker and DocuSign integrated solution (+ see a live demo)
  • Lessons from Caring for Colorado’s journey and spectacular results

Michael Castens, Fluxx

Mike came to Fluxx in February after six and a half years in grants administration for The Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation (where he was Fluxx client for five years). Mike is the first point of contact for potential Fluxx customers, connecting them with solutions to improve their overall grantmaking.

Dominique Kennelly

Dominique Kennelly, DocuSign

Dominique acts as a technical resource for the DocuSign Sales Team where she supports both the Legal and Non-Profit industries. As a Solution Engineer, Dominique works to bridge the gap between Sales and Implementation to ensure proper alignment on solutions being put in place. She also works closely with the Business Development team to provide partner solutions for DocuSign customers so they can take advantage of the DocuSign platform.


Jessica Shane, DocuSign

Jessica Shane joined DocuSign in 2018 as the Regional Vice President of the Nonprofit sales team. Her team works exclusively with Nonprofit clients of all sizes, and their primary mission is to play a key role in leveraging technology to do more with less in their nonprofit client base. Additionally, they are working to build an internal community of like-minded Nonprofit customers that leverage the DocuSign agreement cloud. Jessica is based in Seattle, WA.

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Deb McBride, Caring for Colorado Foundation

Deb McBride has nearly three decades of experience in financial and system design and employee management. Prior to her work at the Caring for Colorado Foundation, Deb worked at Tri-County Health Department – the largest local health department in Colorado – serving over one and a quarter million residents. She currently works as a Tech Support specialist for the Caring for Colorado Foundation.