Minimize Grantee Burden: Best Practices For Nurturing Stronger Relationships

Fluxx_minimizung_grantee_burdenAre your grantees still struggling to jump through all the not-so-necessary hoops they must jump through to get funding? Why is that?

Download the whitepaper and learn four ways to reduce grantee burden, including:

  • How you can leverage technology to automate processes, mitigate time loss, and more
  • Ways for you to leverage information sharing
  • How to dramatically reduce the length of time it takes your grantees to apply for grants
  • How to create greater transparency in the grantmaking process


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The Burden of the Grant Process

With limited staff and a burdensome grant process, nonprofits often find themselves with an overwhelmingly long journey to get grant funds. The desire to create positive change through the efforts of the nonprofit are weighted down by the reality of excessive paperwork, long wait times, and a non-transparent grant process. The burden of the grant process creates stress in organizations and keeps them from the real meaningful work that they do.

The Right Questions to Ask

  • Does your team find the grants management process burdensome?
  • Could a streamlined workflow, the ability to collaborate on the road and remotely, and greater insights from your data help you do more?
  • Is your current grants management solution slowing you down instead of empowering you and your team?
  • If you found yourself saying “yes” to any of those questions, contact us now to get started!

Reduce the Burden with Technology

Leveraging technology streamlines the process and helps the nonprofit organizations get the funds that they need faster, allowing them to focus more of their time on the things that they do that matter. By automating workflows and making the process more transparent, software allows for greater visibility into what information is needed to help the grantmaking process move along more quickly and without interruption. Data is readily available and less time is needed to track and manage the information needed to make decisions.

Replace the Burden with Empowerment

By creating an environment where your grantees are set up to succeed you are empowering them to do the work that matters most to us all. Replacing the burdensome traditional process of grantmaking with a more robust and streamlined process allows everyone to be successful from start to finish. The grantmaking process should not be about the process, it should be about the end result of getting funds to the organization that will make the greatest impact. Let Fluxx help you achieve grantmaking success.

Fill out this form to download the guide today and learn the best practices for nurturing stronger relationships, how to reduce the burden of the grantmaking process, and how to replace your current technology and process with something better.