Knight Foundation Expedites Process With Fluxx Grants Management Software

Knight Foundation Brings Unprecedented Value to Smaller Grantees

Fluxx_Knight_case_studyDan Schoenfeld, former Director of Grants Administration at Knight, is not content to rest on his laurels. He had a nagging suspicion that he could figure out a way to make the foundation’s grantmaking processes even more efficient for a subset of his grantees. See how Knight is able to process a grant on a Monday morning and a check can be ready by Monday afternoon for some of the foundation's smaller grantees. 

  • 30 program staff

  • 2-step expedited grant process

  • 24 hour grant lifecycle

  • 184 grants totaling $16M in 1.5 years

“It’s literally two steps,” Schoenfeld said of the expedited grant process. “These grants can be done on a Monday morning and a check can be ready by Monday afternoon.”

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