Grant Managers: Become Your Foundation's Data Expert

Fluxx_data_expertAre you ready to become your foundation’s data expert?

Understanding how to use the data that you are gathering is a key function of a data expert, and your foundation needs someone who can help them sort through all the information to give them guidance on the conversations and coordinations that are part of the grant making process.

Download the guide to learn:

  • How to use data to empower senior leadership  
  • Key ways to measure what matters at your foundation or nonprofit organization
  • What you can do with data to inform decision-making

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Transforming your data into meaningful intelligence can help your organization:

  • Learn how to use data to empower senior leadership. Having access to real-time data allows your senior team to be informed no matter where they are, giving them the ability to make informed decisions in real-time.
  • Get full control of the grantmaking process. Of the many responsibilities of grantmakers, budgeting and finances are at the heart of it all. Having the ability to create on-the-fly reports and provide detailed oversight helps your team stay one step ahead of costs and gives you the ability to forecast future grants and projects.
  • Track your progress to know what works. Data is essential in understanding what works, and what doesn’t. By tracking data you can find out where your efforts should be spent, saving valuable time and resources.
  • Using data to build collaboration. If everyone has access to real-time data, you create the environment for collaboration. Instead of building and analyzing data, your team is using the data to streamline the process and make meaningful decisions. You need grantmaking software that will help you interpret the data and give you insight that you might otherwise have missed.

The Right Questions to Ask

  • Would quick and easy access to your grantmaking data help you make better decisions?

  • Is your current grants management solution putting the data you need most at your fingertips?

  • Could a streamlined workflow, the ability to collaborate on the road and remotely, and greater insights from your data help you do more?
  • If you found yourself saying “yes” to any of those questions, contact us now to get started!

Making Data Work for You

With all the data that you come across, being able to track, monitor, and interpret it is the key to creating a nimble grants process. Fluxx’s grant management solution can help you achieve a streamlined and data-driven process that will keep your foundation a step ahead.

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