Rapid Response Grantmaking

rapid-response-grantingAs a funder, your programs, processes and grant cycles are designed to serve your long term mission. What happens when unexpected social, environmental, or health-related emergencies arise? How do you adjust your usual grantmaking operations to adapt to new grantee needs, efficiently address new problems while staying true to your mission? 

Our guide will present to you practical steps to simplify your workflows, speed up your granting process and save time to your team and your grantees. Use them to add emergency granting to your portfolio or to rethink your granting procedures overall.

This guide will impart you with: 

  • Fluxx’s 7 practical steps to streamline (and speed up) your grant workflow from grantee registration through final grant reports 
  • Efficient  ways to communicate with your grantees throughout the grant cycle
  • Simple changes you can make today to reduce repetitive admin work for your team

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